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We at devAG GmbH support companies in three areas: we offer consultancy on HR Strategy, we offer HR resources and call that HR Firm, and we implement or improve HR tools, examples are listed under HR Projects.

HR Strategy

HR Strategy is our core business.

In recent year the scope of the HR department changed substantially. In the past solid HR was focusing on efficient and accurate administration but that is now accessible through IT technology. And sound HR administration can be acquired by external providers, usually at a better cost and quality level due to large scale effects at the provider.

So HR nowadays is shifting towards business partnership, people development and to be a strategic partner for the executives.

Since 1990 we are supporting our clients at the intersection of personnel, management, finance and information technology with HR strategy.

HR Firm

Professional HR is related to the size of a company. Companies with less than thousand employees often don´t have a dedicated compensation department on hand, HR controlling is rather done by finance than by HR, workforce planning or even performance management is not done by a dedicated part within HR etc., since all these specialized functions are not fully employed throughout the year for small or midsized companies.

This is where an HR consultant might provide professional support and expertise for a limited time.

External hands support the HR function also in case of shortage: most companies have intentionally reduced their HR workforce to be just able to provide regular services. Any demand beyond that is covered by external forces.

The HR specialist of devAG GmbH are offering you the full range of HR functionality: we execute your yearly appraisal and compensation round, we help you in extraordinary recruitment needs up to supporting you with an interim HR director. All of that have we already provided for our clients and helped them to tackle demands above their own capabilities.

HR Projects

HR is the control center and the gearbox between corporate strategy and employees. We are supporting companies to make that gearbox work at its best.

devAG GmbH is providing HR experts with comprehensive coverage of current HR tools and best practice and help our clients implementing or reengineering their HR services.

So, what´s your challenge? What´s you newest HR tool to be introduced or what project are you confronted with? Get some inspiration from our project descriptions called ‘white-papers’.

Personnel, management, finance, information technology and numbers: we call that people • business.

That´s what we do and we are proud of it.