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Interim HR: the HR Firm

Professional HR is related to the size of a company. Companies with less than thousand employees often don´t have a dedicated compensation department on hand, HR controlling is rather done by finance than by HR, workforce planning or even performance management is not done by a dedicated part within HR etc., since all these specialized functions are not fully employed throughout the year for small or midsized companies.

This is where an HR consultant from our HR Firm might provide professional support and expertise for a limited time.

Shortage of HR expertise?

External hands support the HR function also in case of shortage: most companies have intentionally reduced their HR workforce to be just able to provide regular services. Any demand beyond that is covered by external forces.

The HR specialist from the HR Firm of .dev.AG are offering you the full range of HR functionality: we execute your yearly appraisal and compensation round. And we help you in extraordinary recruitment needs up to supporting you with an interim HR director. All of that have we already provided for our clients and helped them to tackle demands above their own capabilities.

Regular? Extraordinary?

Companies are charged with jobs, which require a full time person like payroll or supporting executives with HR support from our HR Firm. Also they have one-time demand or tasks on an irregular base:

  • Compensation and Bonus Round
  • Yearly Appraisal
  • Employee Attitude Survey
  • check on and/or align to market compensation
  • optimize HR processes in general
  • update of the HR manual
  • analysis of personnel development demand and necessary PD-actions
  • special recruitment activity

Do it internally? Or externally?

For tasks not evenly spread over the year our HR Firm offers additional resources, know-how and experience. Sometimes external support ensures timely delivery.

And: an external provider might provide neutrality and independence, e.g. for employee attitude survey, performance evaluation, internal and external benchmarks etc.

Analysis, concept, execution and controlling

We are working with you to find the best solution for your challenges. Seasoned project manager and experienced HR specialists ensure your success.