Cost control symbolized: HR is not only about cost and figures, but whatever HR strategy you employ, without tight cost control and without a solid base on nunmbers, it will be hard!

HR strategy

Since 1990 we are supporting our clients at the intersection of personnel, management, finance and information technology with HR strategy to employ chances of turbulent change.

Professional HR

How can you afford professional HR even in very specialized functions?

Professional HR is related to the size of a company. Firms with less than thousand employees often don´t have a dedicated compensation department on hand. HR controlling is rather done by finance than by HR, workforce planning or even performance management is not done by a dedicated part within HR etc. All these specialized functions are not fully employed throughout the year for small or midsized companies. So quite some companies are not furnished with theses.

This is where an HR consultant might provide professional support and expertise for a limited time.

HR cost

Cost for its people is in most companies the biggest portion of the cost budget. By far!

So there´s reason to manage that contingent as tightly and focused as possible. Furthermore, modern compensation related to business success and individual performance is an important competitive factor when battling for the best talents in the market.


Especially in restructuring an effective controlling of your agreed targets and commitments is critical for your success. To keep as many work places as possible and to give the company enough financial latitude by providing the necessary cost savings: this can be reached only if all HR tools and concepts are played out optimally.

Best Practice and HR strategy

You are introducing competency management? Or 360-degree feedback, employee survey, you want to improve your performance management? Or you would like to calculate the RoI on HR development? Maybe you would like an assessment of your HR department and its quality?

Regardless whether you move to yet uncovered new HR territories or you want to systematically improve your HR toolbox: make use of the experience of other companies when tackling the same challenge. We can provide you with an overview on best practice and benchmark your HR against others to help you find the optimal HR for your company.

Please have a look at our work examples, especially at our white papers. And for any questions or if you just want a coffee to chat about your challenges: don´t hesitate to contact us.

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