Projects, summary, adisory, White Paper: typical approach of .dev.AG, illustrated by a sea map


Example of Projects: Our White Papers

Our “White Papers” are  summaries of projects where client data has been concealed.

They are based on a project for the specific challenge of a client and show, how we at .dev.AG approach the problem and find eventually a solution. However, details are shrouded, we would add pieces from similar projects etc., both to protect the anonymity of our clients and to give you a readable and comprehensible summary.

You are invited to read and use our approach for your own work or compare it to other consultants.

Do you have questions on details? Or would you like more details? Are you challenged by something which we haven´t yet covered by a white paper but you would like to hear our thoughts on that challenge? Don´t hesitate to contact us!

And we also are eager to learn your thoughts on our white papers! Do you especially like one of the approaches? Or have suggestions how to tackle the problems better? Or any other remarks on them? Please let us know, because that´s how we learn and develop and we really do strive to improve every little bit, if anyhow possible!