calculating the future at the AG: HR data is a good basis for any companie´s success and we at .dev.AG are providing just that


devAG GmbH: people • business

In 1990 we started our business and since then we are giving advice to companies at the intersection of personnel, management, finance and information technology.

devAG GmbH is providing HR experts with comprehensive coverage of current HR tools and best practice. We help our clients implementing or reengineering their HR services.

Compensation and numbers

One of our main areas of work is compensation. Compensation with all its manifold aspects like compensation systems, yearly appraisal and compensation/bonus rounds, HR controlling but also restructuring or merger & acquisitions.

At the core corporates are challenged in compensation with two questions:

  • Given the global battle for talents: how can we attract and retain the best forces?
  • How are we to obtain control over our costs?

Market data, benchmarks to competitors, a solid HR controlling, tailor made compensation systems, diligent analysis of HR data from SAP, peoplesoft etc. and a professional execution of performance management and the yearly compensation round: we are providing all bytes of this stew to our clients and help them to stay competitive and successful in their markets.


The flip side of the compensation coin is titled “restructuring” (a.k.a. reorganization, downsizing etc.). And that is based on fairness and an open and transparent intercourse with all stakeholders (a.k.a. owner of the company and its employees).

We strongly do believe in evidence-based facts provided by the analysis of all scenarios. And we do calculate costs and effects to help a company to find the best feasible approach for the restructuring.

Toughness, fairness

Successful restructuring tries to keep as many workplaces as possible. And it saves costs to provide enough financial latitude for a successful restart of the company. This can only be gained when all HR instruments like short time, early retirement, severance pays etc. are employed and interacting optimally.

If a company is in a critical situation there´s no room for tactical or political games. You do have to act bold, fast and steadfast and devAG GmbH provides you with all the data to make tough decisions and win the future.


If the frame is set up properly and if you have a well thought strategy, still all involved parties need to be won.

Employees and workers council, shareholders and your CFO, unions and the CEO: only if all stakeholders are bought in, your restructuring has a chance to win your company a future.

And how might we service your success?